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Pontiac Tri Power DVD for Trouble Shooting and Repair

This DVD is nearly 90 minutes of information on Pontiac tri powers but will apply to many other tri power setups as well. Starting with Basics, then to Troubleshooting, and Modifications. With today's fuels, larger motors, aftermarket cams and heads, modifications are necessary to get optimum performance. The DVD has and Index so you can "click" on an area and get the information you need. There are 22 areas, most 3-4 minutes. If you can't see the Index in the picture attached to this item, areas are listed below BASICS...Understanding Idle Circuits/Understanding Power Valve Operation/Installing Fuel Lines and Fittings/Setting float levels/Removing Throttle Shafts/Sealing Throttle Bodies/PCV "F" Fitting/Power Brake Fitting and Line to Booster/Ported vs. Manifold Vacuum/Choke Operation TROUBLESHOOTING....Rough Idle/Flooding or Dripping/Hesitation or Bog MODIFICATIONS....Opening Up Idle Circuits/Modifying Power Piston/Changing Jets/Opening Up the Venturi/Modifying the Air horn/Larger Throttle Bodies/Making a Clone End Carb/Electric Choke The video was professionally filmed in Mike's shop and is professionally produced. In this DVD, he answers many questions that have been asked over the last 20 years.

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